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23 Things That Go On Inside a Woman’s Head On Ladies Night

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Let’s face it, Tuesday night in Dubai, AKA ladies night is probably the most exciting thing on a lady’s weekly agenda.

It is an occasion to celebrate getting over the mid-week hump with overflowing fountains of sweet, pinkish and most importantly, free drinks. But what do the ladies in their immaculately painted faces, and sky-high heels REALLY think of ladies night?

Well we asked them, and they answered.

Woman AND men take note – here are 24 things that go on inside a woman’s head on ladies night:

1. Tuesday, 2017: “I’ll be ready in a minute”…. Tuesday, 2018: “just two more minutes”


it takes time to look this good

2. This is it girls! It’s my night… reveal yourself please knight in shining armor!


3. Wait, why didn’t he check my ID too? Am I getting old?


They’re not wrinkles, they’re worry lines I swear!

4. I know it’s called ladies night but WHY ARE THERE SO MANY WOMEN HERE?

5. Why do free drinks have to taste like feet?!


6. I know I am wearing a dress and have a drink in hand, but can you stop gawking at me like I am a piece of meat?


7. “Ladies night was invented by men to sell more booze for other men”. Feminism 101, page 3.

8. Did I actually wax for THIS?… Did I wax at all?!?!



9. Should I tell my boyfriend I am on a ladies night?


10. First drink: I am a classy sophisticated lady on a fun night with my girls… fourth drink: I hate my girls, I hate my boss, I wish I could take off these freaking tight spanks… but first, “Lemme take a selfie”.


11. No sweetie, your mandatory bathroom selfie won’t look cool with the toilet in the background.


12. But his Tinder profile says he’s “0 Kilometers away”…WAIT, did he just block me?!


oh no he didn’t

13. I am on my third Margarita surrounded by sweaty armpits and my feet are killing me… do I really want to hear about your vegan lettuce sandwich?? ABSOLUTELY NOT GIRLFRIEND!


14.“Can I exchange these coupons for a burger please? Hello?… Hellooo?”


this could get ugly

15. Marina snobs…

Man: “Hi, where do you live?”

Lady: “Marina, you?”

Man: “I live in Satwa”

*End of conversation*


i’m just not that interested

16. Don’t rush me! I can only walk as fast as these heels will let me!


no one rushed beyonce

17. Okay, checked in on facebook. Should I update it so it says EXACTLY where I’m sitting?


18. Ok this is the last drink… no, seriously this time.


19. No I’m not laughing at your hair sweetie; I just can’t control my facial expressions sometimes.


sorry it’s just been a while since I’ve seen someone trying to work a scrunchie

20. Where have I seen that face before? Oh on my best friend’s third cousin’s Instagram page of course.

21. I’m not jealous or anything but can you STOP LOOKING AT MY FRIEND AND NOTICE ME?


22. Start of ladies night: “no sugar in my drink please, I’m on a diet”… End of ladies night: “Hello Burger King, my old friend!”


i don’t even care

23. Well at least if I throw up in that Uber, it’s gonna be pink and smell like bubblegum. (Let’s pretend the Burger King never happened.)

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