A Tweep Shared 16 Pictures Of Dubai Showing That The City Is Truly Out Of This World


Living in Dubai, sometimes we truly miss or underestimate the magnificence of the city. Whilst you are scouting for something different or unusual to do every day, you might just be overlooking some of the epic happenings around you in the futuristic hub.

A Malaysian tweep shared some SICK pictures of Dubai that’ll make you bask in its glory big time.

Are you ready to fall in love with the city of gold once again? Then leggo!

The SLAYAGE captures of Dubai will keep you staring on forever! This city is legit a goldmine


Anyone else getting goosebumps just looking at these? Couldn’t be more proud to be living in a city that’s DONE THAT!


Here are a few selected gems from the album of pics uploaded by the Twitter user

It could not get more Dubai than this! The famous floating restaurant

At first, we were sceptical but now if the restaurant or something in the resto doesn’t float or have gas coming out of it then is it really worth your time?

ONLY IN DUBAI! Nuff’ said.

From the fancy Dubai police lambos to the police force fighting crime on horses… talk about OTT

Dubai has an out-of-this-world charm that you really CAN NOT deny, that is why we are absolutely Lovin Dubai! A lil self-promotion right there

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