5 Reasons You Need To Go To The New Bollywood Parks In Dubai After The Summer!


If you are a fan of Bollywood, you’ve probably heard about this park and are eagerly waiting for it to open. But, if you aren’t a fan of Bollywood…you just might become one after seeing what all it has to offer. Set to open this October, the park will feature five zones – each dedicated to a different theme – in addition to 16 attractions.

1. Bollywood Boulevard

It’s all about the entertainment, street-style food carts and shopping in this zone.

What to expect at Bollywood Boulevard…

A live band is in charge of entertaining diners while they enjoy a quick bite at chic restaurant Rock On

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While music and dance performances on the stage of Crossroads will take visitors back to the ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s, Cinemagic will give them an insight into film making and post-production. 

Rains have been an integral part of many Bollywood movies and song sequences and what better way to give viewers an insight into this than actual rain dances? The Cinema Circle will highlight this. Thankfully no umbrellas required!

Bollywood Boulevard

(Image: Bollywood Parks Dubai)

2. Mumbai Chowk

The soul of Mumbai (aka Bombay) comes alive in this zone.

What to expect at Mumbai Chowk…

Don: The Chase: This immersive 3D media tunnel ride will have you thinking you’re a cast of the hit film (released in 1978 and then again in 2006) as you join ‘Interpol agents’ to chase the mafia boss.

Mumbai Express: Remember the track ‘Chaiya Chaiya’ that had everyone talking for a long long time because Malaika Arora Khan and SRK danced on the top of a moving train? Well, the obsession with the train comes alive once again with dancers taking to the train rooftop stage to dance to Bollywood numbers picturised on the same. 

Mumbai Chowk

(Image: Bollywood Parks Dubai)

3. Royal Plaza

Opulence is the theme of this zone. 

What to expect at Royal Plaza…

Mughal-e-Azam: Named after the 1960 film, the venue will be a fine dining restaurant that pays homage to the Mughal era. It’s not only cuisine fit for a king, but décor of equal grandeur.  

Stars on Steps: In love with Bollywood’s songs and dances? This show will ensure you get a high dose of that with dancers performing to classic and popular B’Town tracks over the years. 

Rajmahal Theatre: Set to be an iconic landmark of the park, this venue will host Broadway-style Bollywood musicals.

Royal Plaza

(Image: Bollywood Parks Dubai)

4. Rustic Ravine

Rural India is explored in the village-themed landscape of this zone.

What to expect at Rustic Ravine…

Bollywood blockbusters such as Lagaan, Sholay and Dabangg have inspired various attractions (with the same names) including a simulator-based cricket game, Ferris wheel, carousel, a shooting game with laser guns and a stunt show set amidst explosions and bullets.

Rustic Ravine

(Image: Bollywood Parks Dubai)

5. Bollywood Film Studios

In addition to entertainment, look out for the Hall of Heroes in this zone.

What to expect at Bollywood Film Studios…

Rangmanch: Set like a village, this open-air theatre will showcase dance from different regions of India such as Rajasthan and Gujarat. 

This zone of the park also includes RA.One, a 4D multi-sensory virtual ride, and Krissh, a 4D flying theatre ride which visitors a panoramic view of India’s landmarks.

Hall Of Heroes

(Image: Bollywood Parks Dubai)

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