The Burj Al Arab Is Selling Gold Flaked Apple Juice For $150 Per Bottle


You’ve heard of gold dispensing ATMs, exotic pets (shhh) and even super cars in Dubai. If you think that’s as flashy and OTT as it gets here, think again! A Dubai diner’s recent post is proof that luxury extends to the food and beverage scene as well. Hassan Siddiqi’s tweeted a picture from his dinner at the opulent Burj Al Arab and what you see on his table is a gold bottle of sparkling apple juice infused with edible gold flakes. The price tag: $150. Would you splurge AED 550 on apple juice?  

It’s usually offered when the hotel isn’t serving alcohol

This photo of Al Muntaha is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Some other equally fancy ‘gold’ dishes you can find in Dubai

Fortnum & Mason‘s Gold Sundae is generous scoops of ice-cream topped with caviar and gold leaf.

The Golden Cake at TWG might grab all the attention, but it’s the gold-coated Yellow Gold Tea that’s the big deal. It costs AED 998 a pot.

This might not be made of gold, but hey it’s covered in gold coloured roses. Introducing the chocolate fudge cake from Bloomsbury’s.


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