The International ‘Cheap Date Index’ Is Here And Dubai Is NOT As Expensive As You’d Think


Price mapping gives you an idea of where your city ranks in terms of cost of living in comparison with the rest of the world and this 2019 index looked at the cost of a date in 50 major cities.

And despite what you might tell yourself if you’re coughing up for dates every week, Dubai is NOT the most expensive city in the world for a night on the town, not even close.

It doesn’t even rank in the top 20! Dubai is the 21st most expensive place in the world for a date, while European cities rank the priciest with a couple of Scandinavian countries standing in the top 10. Scroll for full list.

Here’s how much dates cost in cities across the world

The ‘Cheap Date’ index:

The survey defined a date as follows: ‘Cab rides, dinner/lunch for two at a pub or diner, soft drinks, two movie tickets and a couple of beers’.

Mapping the world’s prices 2019 is the 8th annual survey by Deutsche Bank which surveys global prices and living standards, this year they focused the analysis on 50 cities relevant to global financial markets.


01 – Switzerland, Zurich: AED744.56

02 – Norway, Oslo: AED602.04

03 – Denmark, Copenhagen : AED579.63

04 – Finland, Helsinki: AED550.98

05 – Japan, Tokyo: 544.74

06 – United States, New York City: AED524.53

07 – Netherlands, Amsterdam: AED514.25

08 – United Kingdom, London: AED505.80

09 – United States, San Francisco: AED505.07

10 –  Sweden, Stockholm: AED485.60

And allll the way at 21 – United Arab Emirates Dubai – AED427.93

Accurate, or nah?

See the full report here


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