Will These DRIVERLESS RTA Taxis Become A Reality In Dubai


Driverless taxis? On the streets of Dubai… in our lifetime?

The city has not been shy of its strategy to have 25% autonomous vehicles on the roads by 2030, which would save AED22 billion in annual economic costs, cut carbon emissions, cut your driving hours and ‘position Dubai as a global leading example’.

The city has encouraged new tech, infrastructure and even this week new rules to regulate the testing of driverless vehicles were announced.

And a previously released video of what driverless RTA taxis would look like is now making rounds online.

A driverless RTA taxi on the streets of Dubai

Featuring ultrasonic sensors, a 360-degree Lidar system for mapping, advanced vision, collision avoidance, TW user @danyalGilani posted the following video of a Mercedez Benz driverless taxi.


Waits for other people to try it first like


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