A Frequent Flyer Loophole Gets This Guy A $60,000 Trip Around the World In Emirates First Class for $300 And He Loved It


Note: make sure you haven’t recently booked tickets to any destination because the story that follows will definitely make you regret those Dirhams spent.

Travel blogger Sam recently documented his ‘greatest flying experience’ on TopMiles.com – $60,000 ticket in Emirates First Class that took him to 11 cities, seven countries and five continents for just $ 300.

The big question – how does one manage something like that?

His answer: “The answer is a bit complicated. Through various loopholes, I was able to book an Emirates First Class ticket using miles, which would take me from Singapore to Australia, Asia, Europe, North America, Africa, and back. Let’s just say it was a crazy miles redemption that had never been done before.”

His journey began at the First Class Lounge in Melbourne airport operated by Qantas 


At the time of boarding he is escorted to a private waiting area


A flight attendant took him to his seat and gave him a quick overview of the suite

Flight Attendant

He’s amazed by the gold trimming line on almost everything


He loved the automated bar


He was shown all the features of the shower spa before he could use it. The wallpaper boasted Dubai’s skyline and the floor was heated

Emirates Spa

He said, “The shower itself has a 2-minute water timer limit, which you can see by the bars on the shower light. The shower stops spraying water at 25% so you know you are running low on water”.


His experience…

They say every person’s first experience of something is usually the best. This was no exception. The VIP treatment I received from all the staff, from the ground agents to the flight attendants, was truly first class. The first shower was eye opening, and definitely not a gimmick. You feel refreshed and ready to go. The bling is in your face. Some may find it nouveau riche, but I loved every bit of it.

Check out his entire experience here.

Why Emirates’ First Class is really awesome…

The bed is comfortable

You can shower in the sky

The food tastes good

It’s luxurious


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