Two Boss Ladies Just Completed The Phenomenal ‘Everesting’ Challenge At Jebel Jais

Two Boss Ladies Just Completed The Phenomenal ‘Everesting’ Challenge At Jebel Jais

Introducing: Everesting

Another day, another amazing fitness achievement by the Dubai fitness community, and this time, they’ve really taken it to a whollllleeeee other level.

Everesting requires participants to cycle the equivalent elevation of Mt Everest – in one go, with minimum breaks, and no sleeping. And two residents, Elizabeth and Olga, both of PWC, took to Jebel Jais to complete the challenge on the last day of Dubai Fitness Challenge.

They rode the 14km stretch up and down Jebel Jais… 12 TIMES

That’s 322 kilometers in total and an elevation gain of 8,850. It took them each just over 27 hours to complete, starting the challenge at 1pm on Friday, 26 and finishing on Saturday, 27 at 4pm, riding all day and all night, with very few breaks and rests.

The pair are amateur cyclists but trained for 4 months in advance of the challenge with BR

They trained with BR Performance Studios, and they are now officially the second and third UAE-based females to complete the full Everest elevation on a bike – impressive!

Everesting? Completed it mate. 8,848 people worldwide have Everesting to date

All finishers get a spot on the Everesting Hall of Fame. 
Psst! You can run, ride, or do Everesting virtually – learn more here!

Everesting is popular globally, but with the stunning Jebel Jais on our doorstep, maybe, just maybe, 12 times up and down doesn’t sound soooo bad?

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