Dubai Is Ranked As One Of The Cheapest Cities In The World For Car Fuel


We’ll say it once and we’ll say it again, Dubai is the city of contrasts.

You’ve got rolling desert side-by-side with a world-famous skyline, old Dubai VS new Dubai, and you can live cheaply or live out your wildest dreams.

And while certain aspects of the city are pricey, some essential costs are actually some of the cheapest the world, which is brilliant news for drivers.

The 2019 price mapping guide by Deutsche Bank has revealed that transport in Dubai comes cheap, and ranked Dubai in the top 5 cities in the world for affordable gas.

Here are the cheapest cities in the world for gas

5. United Arab Emirates Dubai  – 0.63 per litre of gas

4. Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur – 0.53  per litre of gas

3. Nigeria, Lagos – 0.40  per litre of gas

2. Saudi Arabia, Riyadh – 0.40  per litre of ga

1.Egypt, Cairo 0.39 0.63 per litre of gas

Egypt is the cheapest city for gas in the world

Here are the 5 most expensive cities in the world for gas

  1. Hong Kong, Hong Kong – 2.04 per litre of gas
  2. Norway, Oslo – 1.85 per litre of gas
  3. Netherlands, Amsterdam – 1.78 per litre of gas
  4. Italy, Milan 1.78 per litre of gas
  5. Finland, Helsinki 1.78 per litre of gas

See the full Deutsche Bank report here


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