Gradient Is Yet Another Face App That’s Taken Dubai By Storm


Even monks meditating away in the Himalayas will be knowing about the brand new app to hit the cyber shelves.

After the previous app that transformed your face into that of your older self went viral earlier this year, Dubai’s newest and latest obsession is the gradient app which does something a lil bit more exciting.

This app is getting users OBSESSING over its feature that lets you match your face to your celebrity doppelganger and who doesn’t love to be told that they look like Angelina Jolie or Zac Efron for crying out loud.

The app recently saw a spike in usage earlier last week when a bunch of Hollywood celebs decided to give it a go and share the results on their social media platforms. Dubai peeps cashed in on all the fun and decided to give the app available on both iOS and Android devices a try and shared their celeb matches online.

The caption for this is SLAYING OUR EXSISTANCE omg! LOL Whilst some users got Chris Hemsworth others got the fictional character Joker as their doppelganger celeb

We don’t see the resemblance… do you?

THIS resemblance is quite uncanny

The app even matches you to Bollywood celebs! This user got the b-town’s king SRK as his doppelganger

But yaaas the app seems to be getting some ON POINT and other not so much…

Ouuuu DRAMAA!! Jimmy Kimmel shared his gradient result to which he was matched up with Matt Damon, who is Jimmy’s long term joking frenemy

Jimmy Kimmel sharing this picture on Friday also added to the app’s popularity.

The world cooking up conspiracies about the app storing facial recognition data like…


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