14 Reasons Why We Become Way Too Lazy Living In Dubai


Nobody can deny that you can live an easy life here – Etisalat queues and humidity aside. The service industry is incredible and, if you wanted, you could get away with doing very little. 

Here are some of the reasons why you can live a particularly lazy lifestyle here…

1. You could pump your own petrol…but most of the time you choose not to

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2. Ordering take-out at least twice a week is very much part of your weekly routine


3. The exceptionally lazy don’t even bother with indicators when they’re driving

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4. ATM Drive-Ins mean you never even need to leave your car

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5. You don’t need to go to McDonalds, because McDonalds will come to you

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6. You choose the Gold seats, because it’s easier than carrying your own snacks

And because the chairs are beyond comf, obvs

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7. Having someone carry your groceries has graduated from a rare treat to standard routine


8. You OWN the travelators at the Metro

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9. Although who are you kidding, you usually hop into a taxi

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10. But after the club, you’re most definitely taking an Uber home


11. Having a cleaner is a regular part of life


12. You know the number of your local delivery shop

And most of the delivery guy’s names too


13. You most definitely have your dry-cleaning delivered fresh to your door each week

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14. And if you’re feeling super lazy, there’s a service that will pop round to your house for a quick blow dry or to apply your makeup.

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