Love Island Is Trending On Dubai Twitter Because Scandal HIT THE FAN


When a British reality show trends in Dubai, you KNOW there’s serious scandal afoot, and seriously, the drama on the latest episode is hard to watch.

**Spoiler alert coming your way**

One of the seasons strongest couples are no more… scroll to watch it unfold.

The most talked-about trends on Dubai Twitter first thing this morning

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*Spoiler alert* 1.4 million people tuned in to watch one of the biggest twists of the series so far

(After Curtis pied Amy, obvs)

WARNING: Foul language

Maura proved she really is a ‘girl’s girl’

Jordan is getting a lot of stick on Twitter for his actions


Go on Maura!

This could solve so many problems

She held her ground

People are also sharing their predictions

And the reality you face when the reality show is over

Do no fear! Love Island will have TWO series in 2020!


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