13 Times You’ve Been Sick With Jealousy At The Insane Life Money Kicks Leads

Stories about Money Kicks always provoke an insane reaction.

Dubai’s most popular rich kid (if Instagram followers are anything to go by) Money Kicks, or Rashed Belhasa has 1.4 MILLION of them.

And he’s only 16.

Love him or hate him, the YouTube star turned mini-mogul (he’s now got his own backpack line and a milkshake in his name) with a following that’s only on the rise – he’s going nowhere.

Here are 13 times you’ve been jealous Rashed, even if you won’t admit it.

1. When he hung out with Neymar one of the world’s top footballers

2. Or chilling with one of Bollywood’s biggest stars Salman Khan

3. I mean who WOULDN’T want a hug for this adorable ball of fur

4. His car collection is probably worth more than your home

5. When celebs come to town – they always turn up for one of the famous Money Kicks milkshakes

6. This level of swag for a kid is unheard of

7. This might be the coolest desert buggy you’ve ever seen

8. When Rita Ora comes to see YOUR kicks collection and acts like your best bud

9. The dream car snaps on his IG feed are endless….but here’s just one more

10. Casual dinner with Anthony Joshua and FatJoe

11. When Floyd Money Mayweather visits your home to check out your private zoo

12. ‘Cos jetskiing is fun

13. And flying first class is goals

Money Kicks is marmite

And while he continues to be on the backend of negative press, the 16-year-old doens’t comment and continues to build his brand.

Check out his YouTube channel to follow the life of a Dubai rich kid and while you’re at it check out the Lovin Dubai YouTube channel too.

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