A New Viral Trend #NumberNeighbour Is Taking Over The Internet One Digit At A Time


How did this challenge even start? Some questions even we here at Lovin Dubai don’t have the answer to.

However, no one is a stranger to this brand new circulating ‘number neighbour challenge’, surely you have seen it on your Insta, Facebook or Twitter feeds and wondered what in the name of geewiz is this new trend.

The number neighbour challenge is basically you having to shoot a text to the phone number which is same as yours BUT with the last number being one more or one less from your current digit… and then well just wait for your neighbour to text you back. (And if you’re lucky, you won’t be blocked or reported for being a creep.)

That means mobile numbers ending with a ‘9’ will only have ONE number neighbour.

#NumberNeighbour challenge EXPLAINED! Yo welcome.

Millennials all over the world and in the UAE are obsessing over this viral #NumberNeighbour challenge hoping to be a part of funny convos

This challenge has led to people texting random individuals and starting convos where some have had a pleasant exchange and made themselves a brand new friend.

Some text convos have led to the exchange of memes, pics… to adults being UTTERLY confused with these random messages and also to disappointed teens when their neighbours didn’t end up responding to their texts.

This one #NumberNeighbour interaction led to a Twitter user getting a new dog from a person who was moving away and couldn’t take the dog along


UrMmMm… Did this person just get Chris Evans as her number neighbour?!

This challenge left some broken hearts as well

Fear not! Lovin Dubai is always ready to have a chat with you


Please at least spare old people from this challenge… let them live in peace


On one hand, you have a doggo finding a home, on the other you have people SUPER annoyed… clearly this challenge has no grey area

Our ancestors watching over us right now like…

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