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OPINION: Dubai Drivers Would Truly Benefit From Abu Dhabi’s New Tailgate Smart System

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Tailgating, an action many drivers have issues with, is about to become obsolete in Abu Dhabi, thanks to this new law.  The Abu Dhabi Police announced on Monday that it would fine motorists AED400, with four black points, if the offence is repeated more than once.

When you drive behind another car, with a less than 50m distance, and flash them to hurry- this is considered a move risky to both the driver in front and yourself. It’s great to see such a law be implemented in Abu Dhabi, since I’m sure a lot of us drivers have experienced driving the exact speed limit, and then there will be that ONE motorist pressuring us to switch to the other lane.

You know, because 120 is too slow on the highway, apparently (*chuckles sarcastically). Dubai needs this law enforced too. Like ASAP.

Dubai drivers might need this camera system (or to enforce the no tailgating law more)

Okay, technically we already have the law in place (thanks RTA) and it’s pretty much the same as Abu Dhabi’s, with an AED400 fine and black points. But real talk, you’ve probably still experienced being tailgated by an impatient driver on the road.

So perhaps, what we need is a more serious penalty so that this is taken seriously and not ignored by motorists who have made it a habit to speed through the streets. Or at least, force others to.

The law exists, but residents want to know if the same sensor system is also in place

Abu Dhabi now has a smart system, which is basically cameras on the highway, that can easily detect when tailgating takes place. Now, although the laws in Dubai are similar, it has yet to be confirmed if the Emirate has the same system. But if we don’t, think it’s high time for one. If we do, however; then perhaps the amount of the fine should increase.

Since these tailgaters seem to forget the consequences that come with that action.

Residents in the UAE praised Abu Dhabi’s recent move to put more focus on tailgaters and ensure the number of offenders is reduced

After all, no tailgating means fewer fines for those who are being pressured to speed up, and innocent lives aren’t at risk.

It’s a good move for any country, really.

Additionally, let’s not forget that some people tend to drive much slower than the limit in the fastest lane

So perhaps that should also be accounted for?

Some residents think the fine isn’t enough and might just be waived off by these tailgaters

But one thing’s for sure, we’re all tired of tailgating

Patience is key and drivers need to learn that, and a more consequential penalty can probably put it all to an end.

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