Pokémon Hunters Assemble! These Venues Are Going All Out For Pokémon Players


We’ve already spoken about businesses using the HUGE Pokemon craze to their advantage, and as expected, some of Dubai’s best spots are already in on the trend.

To increase your Poke score you need to get on the move so the following spots are inviting users around for a bit of a Pokemon party! Catch some rare Pokemon, and for your hardship, these following venues are treating your back.

1. Fairmont The Palm

Pokemon Masters are invited to ‘Pokestop’ by the hotel, which is offering unique lures this Friday and Saturday. Screenshot and tag the hotel to prove your Pokemon Go action and you’ll also get a massive 25% discount on F&B purchases. Food, drinks and Pokemon? We couldn’t love this more if we tried!

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2. Pokémon Go party at Societe – Marina Byblos Hotel

This one is for the serious Pokemon fans….and for the inner kid in all of us!

The Pokémon Go theme party will feature a giant ball pit on the dance floor filled with balls, and stuffed Pokémon toys that you dive in to find.

Episodes of the original Pokémon TV show from the late 90’s will be played on screens, while 90’s tunes pump from the decks….and best of all? Life-size Pokémon characters will be wandering around the club for the ultimate picture opportunity!! Themed Pokemon drinks (this place is seriously going all out) will whet your whistle and ensure you’re brave enough to join in all the fun. 

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3. Cavalli Club – Sheikh Zayed Road

Rumours are swirling that the Cavalli logo outside the venue and the lifts at the door are both Poke-Stop’s – so players can use these locations to get balls and find nearby Pokemon! There are also a few lurking inside the venue too, it opens at 8.30 pm so we might catch you there.

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