The Emirates Airlines Glo’Up Is The Real Deal And These Pictures Can Testify To That


Seeing an aeroplane passing by every three minutes across the Dubai skies ain’t no joke! It took Dubai years in the making to get its top-notch aviation amenities to where it is now.

One airline that’s done Dubai proud BIG time is, Emirates!

Emirates is a Dubai based airline and is the LARGEST airline in the Middle-East. The airline which was founded back on March 25, 1985, celebrated its 34th anniversary in 2019 and is now home to a bigger fleet of aircrafts all safely transporting passengers across the globe.

On Thursday, Emirates shared a transformation collage on its official Instagram handle, showing HOW much the Dubai based airline has grown over the years. Precisely by 266 more!

Fleet on fleek!! Emirates Airlines are conquering the world one airbus a380 at a time

Starting from having two planes back in 1985 to having an entire squad of 268 slaying airbuses, Emirates has hustled its way to the top and is soaring higher and faster than ever.

Okay urm… Emirates is serving us some MAJOR squad goals right there!

Emirates airbuses have given LIFE to aviation photography with their majestically aesthetic bodies

Started from the bottom

Now we HERE!!

That too with 268 more.

Every time you see an Emirates airbus

It’s just become a reflex at this point.


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