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18 things you'll know if you've ever been to Barasti Beach Bar

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It's unlikely you'll meet anyone over the legal age, living in Dubai, who hasn't stepped foot inside Barasti. If you haven't been, you're either a liar...or you have never been out in your life.

Open day and night, this laid-back beach bar is an institution on the Dubai social scene, providing the perfect venue for an afternoon of boozing at the beach, the ideal place to catch the big match, or the ultimate spot to get jiggy (we mean dancing, obvs) under the stars. It's (pretty much) always open and it provides everything you need for a great night out (basically, it's got three really big bars). 

Here are a few of the things you might have noticed after spending some time there...

1. It wasn't your first choice...

You had planned the best evening ever and then your sister didn't wear the right shoes for the first bar, and then your mate got too ruined for the second one. Good old Barasti to the rescue.

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2. You spent an hour in traffic... 

There's always a pile-up on the road leading up to Barasti, you know you should just jump out and walk that last bit...but the traffic might suddenly move, right?


3. Those massive screens kind of ruin your vibe...

This is supposed to be a Beach Bar...NO MORE FOOTBALL!

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4. You could turn up in your pjs...

Whether you're coming from a five-star brunch or you've spent the day sipping ciders in your swimmers, nobody gives a damn what you're wearing.


5. The bouncers take their jobs incredibly seriously...

Ever tried sneaking anything past them? Like even a little bottle of H20? Take it from us, it's not even worth your while. (Our ed. has a harrowing tale of being refused entry because she had a gift hamper with her...Come on, she would have shared!)


6. But, sometimes the bouncers can be very cool too...

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7. If you're eating you know you have to have their giant triple-cooked fries

Barasti Fries are EVERYTHING! As are the pizzas...and the fish and chips...and the burgers. Basically, the food is good! 

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8. You know the show-offs on the jetskis would be nothing without the tan, and erm, the six-pack, the sunnies or the jetski...

You spend your time trying to ignore them


9. You know you should go home after a day on the beach there...

But the happy hour is INCREDIBLY tempting (and drinks will ease the pain of the sunburn right?). It's only when the sun goes down, and it starts to get chilly that your bikini or swim shorts don't seem like such a good idea. 

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10. You regret wearing heels...

Large parts of Barasti are covered in sand. Heels sink into sand. It's not rocket science.

Screenshot 2016 01 19 At 5 22 12 Pm

11. You can't tell if it's just music or if there's a band playing...

Anyone else been caught out singing and bopping along to the DJ, but hang on, people are clapping. Are people applauding the DJ? What? Oh hi, it's a band...


12. You go knowing there's a possibility you'll lose a shoe (or two) 

You want to dance but wearing shoes (in the sand) just gets in the way. In a moment of wild abandon you fling your shoes (or flippy-floppies) under some chair vowing to collect them after. Later, of course, they're 'not where you left them' and despite numerous search attempts, you say goodbye to your footwear FOREVER.


13. You know that dancing with your other half is not allowed

It's all going great until you get a discreet tap on the shoulder by a bouncer...having an intimate boogy with the opposite sex is a bit of a no-no. And although it might seem funny to you at the time; pulling the 'married' card won't work if you get into any real trouble. 

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14. You'll know you'll end up with sand EVERYWHERE...

Your hair, your pockets, your wallet...even your pants. There's no escaping it, and it does not feel good...ouch! 

Hocus Pocus Gif

15. You'll know you'll probably lose your mates...

The usual 'I'm at the bar' WhatsApp (the cool kids WhatsApp) doesn't work so well in a place with three massive bars!

Tumblr Inline N9B5Ii Qz2D1Raozs1

16...Yet you'll always somehow bump into someone you know

Barasti is like one big, 'local' where everyone always seems to end up. And bumping into someone you know after a few scoops is always ten times more emotional than the norm...

Giphy 19

17. You know it's impossible to get a taxi home (and those Lexus private taxis are so damn tempting)

There's a big line of taxis waiting but the queue is chaotic, so you eventually (pretty much immediately) succumb to temptation and ride home in style.

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18. You know that it's always the (best) last resort

You may have partied at one of the most glamorous clubs in Dubai, with circus performers on stilts and drinks served with sparklers... but Barasti is the great, old faithful of the Dubai social scene. It may be your last resort but you'll always have a great night there.  

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