Some Hero Stuck Hand-Written Notes On These UAE Parking Machines


There is simply NOTHING worse than getting stuck with a parking fine, particularly when you’re conscientiously staying on top of charges and checking metres for payments.

Which is why today, we’re shouting out to one anonymous hero in Al Ain.

Up until late Friday evening, the date to mark Hijri, the Islamic New Year remained up in the air which meant there was confusion over which day the public holiday would fall.

This, in turn, would affect the cost of parking as many Emirates grant free parking on public holidays.

A UAE resident spotted this helpful note

“Today free (31-9-2019) Start at morning 8am (1-9-2019)”

The snap was spotted by @Shumayal and posted to Reddit, where users are praising the thoughtful gesture. Someone had put a hand-written note on every parking metre in Al Ain!

Good karma for you, nameless hero!

Many netizens commented on the post, calling the person a ‘kind soul’ and stating ‘we need more of these kind people’.

A nice reminder to the rest of us to pay it forward, when the opportunity strikes


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