10 Reasons Expats Choose To Come And Live In Dubai


Dubai is a unique and fascinating city with a heart of it’s own. But let’s face it, it’s located bang in the middle of a desert, where temperatures in summer are pretty unbearable, the humidity sucks and most of us are a long way from home. 

So why is there such a large expatriate community here? Competitive salaries and tax breaks aside, let’s take a look at why over 80% of Dubai’s 2.5 millions residents choose to come and live in this little pocket of the Middle East.

1. Dubai is politically stable and you can feel safe walking the streets at night

Petty crimes, pick pocketing, and theft rates are incredibly low in Dubai in comparison with other major cities. Also, with terrorism threats rising globally, the Dubai Government actively promotes safety and security, and despite it’s proximity to countries vulnerable to unrest, Dubai remains politically stable.

Busy Street Al Satwa

2. It’s a culturally diverse city

As over 200+ nationalities retain resident status, the city is a melting pot of cultures. While there is a predominantly Muslim population, Dubai welcomes other religions and ethnicities, and along with Mosques, places of worship for other religions are located in the city too.

3. It’s a city built for tourists…but residents can benefit too

While initially built on oil money, a large part of Dubai’s economy now relies on the tourism trade. As we see an increasing amount of development in preparation for Expo 2020, facilities for tourists also continue to increase. From new hotelswater parkstheme parksa safari park, a ski slope, the Dubai Eye and the world’s largest mall, tourists (and residents alike) will not be bored.

Bluewaters 03

4. The sun is (almost) always shining

There is a lot to be said for the effect sunshine has on people’s attitudes. And, bar some incredibly exciting rain days which happen once or twice a year, the UAE is blessed with year round sunshine. 

Seascape 691846B

5. It’s socially acceptable to spend your Fridays knocking back cocktails and over-indulging on sushi, carvery and copious amounts of cheese

At something we call brunch. (We like to make sure we cover all the important topics.)

Evening Brunch

6. There is an incredible nightlife scene

Contrary to popular opinion (of those who have yet to visit), the nightlife scene here is on par with the likes of New York, Paris and London. It’s a great place to spend your twenties, thirties, forties and beyond, while taking advantage of all the city has to offer.

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7. The cost of getting around is comparatively cheap

Petrol is cheap, which means taxis are cheap, buses are cheap and even purchasing a car is a lot cheaper here than elsewhere in the world


8. Dubai’s 400 km coastline sits on the Arabian Gulf

This basically means that you’re never far from a beach (and if you’re lucky, your office/apartment might even have a sea view). Check out some of our favourite free beaches and private beaches here.

Screenshot 2016 07 19 At 9 39 33 Pm

9. For a large city, there is an amazing sense of community

While just over 2.5 million people living in Dubai, there is still a great sense of community found throughout the city. Recently, during the holy month of Ramadan, an Aussie expat wanted to make a small difference in the lives of labourers in her area by stating a fridge sharing (food-sharing) initiative. The idea went viral, and more than 18,000 residents took part – a small proof of the fabric of the community here.

Fridge 160620 163132

10. The lifestyle is second to none

‘Dubai has got SUCH a great lifestyle’….this is probably the most over-used phrase in our expat vocab. But there is a ring of truth to it. It’s a combination of the sun, safety, parks, beaches and wildlife, and the sense of community that make Dubai such a great place to live.

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