10 INCREDIBLE Reasons To Visit South Africa


A variety of ecosystems to marvel at, lovely people and a great source of inspiration for adventure-thirsty travelers- South Africa should definitely be on everyone’s travel bucket list. 

Not only does this majestic place host well-known areas like Cape Town, Pretoria, Johannesburg and the Addo Elephant National Park but for GCC nationals or Middle Eastern-based Residents, it’s quite easy to get to. 

But if you need a little extra convincing, here are a couple more (with photos TO fully entice you to gear for that next trip!): 


1. The weather is almost perfect

SA is known for being hot during winter in Europe, just warm during summer and not-so-extreme winters.



2. The beaches are world-class 

With SO many beaches around the country, options are limitless for those seeking the serene surrounding of the sea.

Check out Durban, a spot that’s also known for surfing or Muizenberg where you can show off your kitesurfing skills and more!


3. The African wildlife

Much like other parts of Africa, South Africa is BIG on wild life- with many areas that even have lions, elephants, Cape buffalos, leopards and rhinos.


4. The spot for active people (or those who wish to be!) 

Because of its geographic location, landscapes and the type of communities in South Africa- it is, in more ways than one, THE perfect spot for active people. Or those seeking to be more active.

If you’ve always longed to hike during your travels, then hiking the Otter Trail might be your new bucket list MUST.

Biking, walking, running, swimming, paragliding, kayaking (with the hippos!) AND so much more can be done in SA, sky is barely the limit here.


5. The relaxing vibes at Knysna Lagoon



6. The EPIC train rides

There are various train rides in South Africa to choose from that will make you feel like you’re on the Hogwarts Express of sorts. From 5-star train rides accompanied with bevvies and VIP Seating to the more traditional ones- one thing’s for sure, the view will always stay amazing.

Train rides are a great time to get back in touch with nature, the old times and to express yourself creatively- away from the hustle and bustle of the world.

South Africa is KNOWN for having the best options for train travel, so don’t miss out.


7. The astounding landscapes 

Need we say more?



8. This MAGICAL treehouse 

Sleep under the stars, and get those Disney feels by staying overnight at one of South Africa’s most coveted treehouses, the Chalkey Treehouse.

Now, there are more than MANY other treehouses that can cater to the taste of different people.

But Chalkey has been a popular option thanks to its seclusion, surrounding and being atop a 500-year-old Leadwood Tree.

Go alone, for your honeymoon or with a bunch of friends AND experience the delights of sleeping under the stars.



9. The two oceans meeting 

Want to be where the Indian and Atlantic Ocean meet?

Visiting the L’Agulhas at the Western Cape will give you that experience.





10. The Cango Caves

Because if you haven’t visited or hurdled through a cave, have you even lived?

The Cango Caves is KNOWN for being one of the most popular tourist spots in the country AND for good reason. Located 29km from Oudtshoorn, the caves are located in the Cango Valley where it situates amazing dripstone caverns with towering formations.



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