A Criminal Gang Was Arrested In The UAE For Counterfeiting Currencies

Farah Makhlouf

A lot of criminal activities happen on social media. People hack accounts, send false links, and even sell fake products including… cash! The UAE Public Prosecution recently highlighted a case where a gang was offering fake currencies in exchange for Dirhams.

A criminal gang was arrested in the UAE for exchanging counterfeiting currencies

Normally, if you want to exchange your money for a different currency, you would go to any exchange centre in the city. While the rates are usually fixed, some offer different prices for exchanges, but this gang was offering up to 50% off the actual currency value! This is definitely unheard of and is the first red flag that this is a scam.

Nevertheless, some people fell victim to this gang and exchanged their legitimate currency for counterfeits

The gang was arrested for defrauding people. The UAE Public Prosecution urges the public to obtain and exchange currencies through licensed authorities only.

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