A Dubai Real Estate Company Claims Employees Can Become Millionaires In 4 Years


Allsopp & Allsopp, a UK and UAE-based real estate company is now hiring employees in Dubai with a video that seems too good to be true!

The company compares the average salary range in Dubai versus the UK and states that an employee would have a higher chance of becoming a millionaire in Dubai.

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“This isn’t a get rich quick scheme, and we do not promise everybody to become a millionaire”

….but they do confirm that with access to a huge platform like the one Dubai can provide access to, it just might be possible to reach your dream bank account digits!

The video further demonstrates how the company has made over 20 millionaires since their launch in 2008.

Watch the video below:

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Dubai has also been tagged as the ideal work destination

The video also promotes Dubai as the ideal space for those looking to migrate for better job opportunities and quality of life.

Now that, we can agree.



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