A Dubai Resident Is Climbing Mount Kenya To Raise Awareness For Albino Kids Hunting In Africa

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Imagine being hunted because of the colour of your skin. For Tanzania- and Africa’s- Albino population, this is a grim reality.

Due to a prominent superstition, certain regions in Africa consider the Albino population ‘haunted beings.’ Their limbs are said to possess magical powers and are sold illegally by ‘witch doctors’ under false promises of a “better life.”

Sana Choyakh is representing the UAE and standing up to this gruesome practice with a group of 18 other women from all around the world by climbing Mount Kenya- Africa’s second-highest peak.

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Albinism is a genetic condition that affects the amount of melanin in your body

Certain gene mutations result in a lack of pigmentation. There is a marked difference in the colour of your eyes, skin and hair. People with albinism generally have extremely pale skin.

While one out of 15,000 people in most African sub-regions has albinism, one out of 1,400 Tanzanians has the condition. This severely affects their integration into society.


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Sana is a full-time Sales manager at a multinational company but her passion for youth and women empowerment keeps her going

“I’m trying to balance between my passion and my job that I love a lot.”

The UAE Lions Club Member (and co-founder!) says it’s all about discipline, organization, and dedication. All 19 women who are attempting this climb are around 40 years of age, and from different countries. These phenomenal women are definitely proof that age is just a number!

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