A Resident Lost AED3.8k While Recharging From A FAKE DU Website

A Resident Lost AED3.8k From Recharging From A Fake DU Website

In a unfortunate incident, a Dubai resident lost AED 3,800 after attempting to recharge their mobile from a FAKE DU website. The scam serves as a stark reminder to remain vigilant when conducting online transactions.

Scam alert!

Innocently, she conducted a search for “Du recharge online,” clicked on the first link that appeared, and proceeded to make a substantial online payment.

Unfortunately, her trust in the seemingly authentic website led to a significant financial loss of AED 3,800, highlighting the importance of verifying website authenticity before engaging in online transactions.

Many people in the country experience scam incidents

Whether it’s through deceptive emails, SMS messages, fake voting links, or other scam alerts, it’s becoming increasingly challenging to evade scams in today’s digital landscape. Sadly, scammers continue to innovate and find new ways to deceive unsuspecting individuals.


  • Double-check website URLs, as scammers frequently create fake sites that resemble legitimate ones, aiming to deceive users into sharing their financial details
  • Avoid clicking on any links sent by unfamiliar or suspicious sources. This simple precaution can go a long way in protecting yourself from potential scams and online threats

Staying vigilant and well-informed about common scam tactics is essential to safeguard against these ever-evolving threats!

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