A Woman Is Taking It Upon Herself To Feed The Starving Stray Pups Around Dubai


Dubai’s heat shows no mercy and stray animals are the most severely affected. These stray dogs in Al Quoz are relying on this woman, Melanie White to survive.

Melanie White is a personal fitness trainer and dedicates free time helping and rescuing stray dogs. White and her friend Alena have been doing this work for over a year and have so far rescued seven puppies last year.

White does not belong to any specific organization and gathered a group of volunteers to feed the abandoned dogs.

They use cold water and ice blocks to help the dogs cool down.

Melanie says this dog has a serious leg injury and needs help

Finding homes for stray pups is getting harder

White has partnered with a veterinary clinic to vaccinate and spay the stray dogs, so they can be placed into boarding and wait for adoption or a foster family.

Recently, White has faced some setbacks. The number of people who can foster the pups has dropped and these dogs need a permanent home.

Despite these difficulties, White still wants to continue helping the stray pups.

Her mission to save the dogs is hanging by a thread and is on survival mode.

Feeding them and providing cold water is a temporary solution

She hopes to see fewer dogs on the streets

“If we could accomplish this, it would be a game-changer for helping strays in Dubai and the more dogs we get off the street the less we have to save next year,” said White.

White has been saving these dogs for the last five years and her work is not stopping anytime soon.

For further information on how you can help please contact  mw_fitness_method


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