WATCH: Footage Of Abu Dhabi In The ’80s Show It In All Its Nostalgic Glory

Screenshot of images from a video showing Abu Dhabi in the 1980s

Footage of Abu Dhabi in the ’80s has surfaced and it is every bit the nostalgic glory.

Ahmed posted the clip recorded all the way back in 1986, showing the UAE’s capital city in its utmost sight.

Without further ado, let’s go on and reminisce by watching the video. Enter the time machine.

What was Abu Dhabi like in the ’80s? You’re about to find out


Vintage vehicles, old baqalas, flea markets and the ever-beautiful local spots of Abu Dhabi in 1986

For longtime AD residents, this video may have just sent a swarm of nostalgia up their spine, a feeling so beautiful even those of us who have never lived it are amazed.

Now that we’re on this time machine, we might as well add some more throwbacks.

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The city’s favourite spot for gamers in the ’80s: Action Zone


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There’s something about Abu Dhabi’s essence, an essence retained even after all the major developments it has undergone in the last 30+ years

A shot of Abu Dhabi by photojournalist Jack Burlot in 1974


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The old cabbie look


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And here’s another gem of a clip from the year 1989

Do you have fave nostalgic moments from old UAE?

Do share your pics in the comments below, we love to see ’em!


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