You No Longer Need An Alcohol License To Buy Liquor In Abu Dhabi

alcohol license abu dhabi

Residents no longer need a liquor license to buy drinks in the capital.

The decision was made and shared with retailers and distributers this week.

To purchase alcohol in the capital, you must be over 21 and the alcohol must be for personal use, not for resale. The alcohol must be consumed in your home or in a licensed venue, according to reports.

You no longer need a license to purchase alcohol in Abu Dhabi

“We would like to announce the cancellation of alcohol licenses for individuals… Residents and tourists will be permitted to buy and possess alcohol from licensed retail shops, and are allowed to drink within tourism and hotel establishments, clubs and independent outlets.” Abu Dhabi Department of Culture and Tourism

You are still required to have an alcohol license to buy alcohol in Dubai

Recent rule changes mean you just need an Emirates ID to apply. Find more info here

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