An Emirates Flight To New Zealand Had A 13.5 Hour Round Trip Back To Dubai After The Auckland Airport Closed

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On Friday, An Emirates EK 448 flying from Dubai to Auckland had to cancel its journey midway and head back to Dubai because of the widespread flooding from the torrential rains in Auckland, New Zealand.

The passengers are said to have spent approximately 13 hours on the ‘flight to no where’

The flight was an estimated six and half hours into it’s journey and flying over the Indian Ocean before being forced to re route due to the dangerous situation in Auckland.

Keeping in mind passenger safety, Auckland Airport has cancelled all international flights until Sunday afternoon

The next Emirates flight is scheduled to take off on Monday, causing some inconvenience to passengers. However, Emirates passengers have reportedly received a 2-night hotel voucher.

The torrential rainfall and flooding in New Zealand have resulted in the death of 4 people so far

The flash floods and landslides are being attributed to the effects of climate change.


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