All The Ways Careem Plus Will Help You Save Money In Dubai!

Anika Eliz Baby

Say hello to Careem Plus, the subscription-based superpower from Careem, your go-to app for everything from convenient rides to mouthwatering food, essential groceries, seamless payments, and beyond

Imagine saving over AED 200 every single month! With Careem Plus, it’s all about getting the best of everything without breaking the bank…And here’s an exciting update: Careem Plus members have already accumulated a staggering AED 100,000,000 in savings!

Upgrade your everyday experience with Careem Plus subscription for just AED 19– Where convenience meets savings, and a world of possibilities awaits. Keep scrolling to see why you need this hack in your life!

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1. Unlimited free delivery on your fav foods and Quik Groceries

With Careem Plus, your cravings are just a tap away! You can savour the flavours of your favourite food, enjoy member-exclusive discounts, and get deliveries ultra-fast without worrying about delivery fees.

Free delivery on food and Quik Groceries means more delicious meals and essentials right at your doorstep without any extra costs, making every mealtime and shopping experience even more delightful.

Click here to start saving with Careem Plus. 

2. Indulge yourself with up to 50% off when dining out

Elevate your dining experience with Careem Plus! Enjoy a delectable array of culinary delights with up to 50% off at over 500+ dining venues across Dubai through Careem’s F&B Discovery service, Careem DineOut. Whether it’s a cosy dinner date or a gourmet feast, this exclusive offer ensures you relish the finest flavours while saving big on your bill.

Click here to start saving with Careem Plus. 

3. Money spent is money earned with Careem Plus fab credit back

Get ready to enjoy the ultimate rewards!

Get a fantastic 10% credit back on 10 Hala and Car rides, credited to your Careem Pay wallet instantly, putting more money back in your pocket for your next adventure!

It’s like having a constant bonus for exploring the city.

Click here to start saving with Careem Plus. 

4. FREE Careem Bike rides

Unlock the city’s pulse with Careem Plus and enjoy unlimited adventures on two wheels.

With free Careem Bike rides, you can explore to your heart’s content, with a total of 175 stations and 1,750 bikes available 24 hours across Dubai.

Feel the sea breeze as you cruise past Jumeirah Beach and relish the freedom of effortless urban exploration, as you take as many 45-minute rides as you desire (typically, this would be worth a whopping AED 75 every month- BIG savings)!

Click here to start saving with Careem Plus. 


5. 10% off on laundry

Is there anything this app cannot do?!

With Careem Plus, your laundry day just got even better! You can now enjoy a fantastic 10% discount on laundry services, making it more affordable and convenient to keep your wardrobe fresh and clean. Say goodbye to laundry hassles and hello to savings!

Click here to start saving with Careem Plus. 

6. 20% off home cleanings

Get your space shining and spotless with Careem Plus!

Enjoy a generous 20% discount on home cleaning services, letting you relax while professionals take care of it all. It’s an effortless way to maintain a pristine home while saving on cleaning costs.

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7. Priority support all the way

With Careem Plus, you’re always a VIP.

Priority support means you get the red-carpet treatment with faster responses, expert assistance, and personalized solutions, ensuring that your every query or concern is handled swiftly and efficiently. Your satisfaction and peace of mind become their top priorities!

Click here to start saving with Careem Plus. 

What are you waiting for? Start your free trial today!

Click here to start saving with Careem Plus. 

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