Danae Mercer Shares Why People On TikTok Should Show More Authenticity


Danae Mercer stands out in a digital world filled with FaceTuned selfies and a lack of multi-faceted personalities. Focused on body positivity, the journalist, former Editor in Chief of Women’s Health ME, and brand ambassador of Women’s Best, uses her platform to consistently remind women everywhere that they are unique, flaws and all.

Now amassing more than 2.1 million followers on her Instagram account, the creator is known for photos showcasing real-life versus Instagram alternate realities about women’s bodies.

Danae encourages a ‘no filter’ approach and has helped inspire more and more individuals to show up on social media without feeling like the need to angle their bodies a certain way


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She also heavily advocates self-love and how it positively impacts all aspects of one’s life

Danae says most New Year’s resolutions that are catered to judging one’s physical appearance and wanting to change their body

…to which, she adds that “Instead of being harsh to yourself, look at what you can add or achieve to your lifestyle.” 

In the interview, the journalist shared how positive self-affirmations, meditation and vulnerability can lead to fruitful additions to one’s year, as opposed to drastic changes.

On social media trends, especially TikTok and the pressures it brings… 

When asked on The Lovin Show about what trends should be left behind in 2020, Mercer says that we’ve although more authentic content has popped up more in 2020, apps like TikTok, which are now teen-focused, still need to adapt more authenticity. 

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