A Man Attempted To Enter Dubai Carrying A Sheep’s Head In His Suitcase


Warning: This article contains graphic imagery.

A man attempted to fly into Dubai carrying a cooked sheep’s head in his luggage.

(That’s a sentence you never thought you’d read, amirite?)

Authorities noticed a funky smell coming from the man’s luggage at DXB this week, which lead to an official asking the Sudanese man to hand over his luggage.

The man initially tried to evade authorities by handing over his other piece of luggage (schneakkkyyy), but authorities quickly got to the bottom of the funk.

The man was planning to eat the sheep’s head later

The man had flown in from Khartoum with a cooked sheep’s head that he planned to eat on arrival in Dubai.

Unfortunately, for him, the item was seized. Carrying a sheep’s head violates both carry-on and check-in luggage rules.

A local Arabic news channel reported the news on Tuesday



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