Dubai Is Inspecting Residences For ‘Singles And Multiple Families’

Dubai Is Inspecting Residences For ‘Singles And Multiple Families’

Dubai Municipality is going door to door, inspecting and completing 19,837 field visits this year, searching for building violators.

If you live in Dubai then you might’ve heard your landlord say something about the building as being a ‘family building.’ Long-time residents would know that basically means they do not allow bachelors to reside there.

Another rule in some residences is that multiple families are also not allowed to live together in a home intended for one family.

Dubai Municipality is cracking down on violators

The municipality conducted 19,837 field visits this year, paying visits every morning and evening.  “As a result of this move, many of the residents have started to follow the rules and regulations in the emirate,” the municipality stated.

Dubai Municipality urges all residents to adhere to the rules and regulations regarding the presence of singles or multiple families in accommodations

Residents must report violations to 800900.

Inspections are carried out in overcrowded apartment buildings and villas. They monitor violations related to the total number of occupants and illegal partitions and other modifications made by occupants.

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