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These Dubai Jewellers Came Through For A Resident Who Was Forced To Sell His Wedding Ring

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The community has really been showing its lovely spirit ever since the start of this pandemic. From volunteers at healthcare centres to people making donations – this country’s crowd has really come together for one another because EVERYONE has faced the impact of the pandemic in one way or another.

A heartbreaking story has emerged about a UAE resident who had to resort to selling his original wedding ring because he has been going through tough times due to the pandemic. 

He posted his story on a private Facebook group based in Dubai, where he asked people to suggest places that could get him cheaper alternatives for a replacement ring. And the community got helping with many sharing the hope that the man will soon get back on his feet.

Between the busy suggestions, was the comment of A Dubai jeweller, Fergus James (@fergusjamesdiamonds)

These jewellers came through and offered to make a wedding ring for this man – FOR NO COST WHATSOEVER


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Well it’s a YES from us! 😍💎 #fergusjamesdiamonds

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Even though the jewellers offered to provide their product free of charge, the resident is choosing to pay for it. 

It’s a tough phase for many folks out there

It’s definitely a tough time for everyone and it doesn’t hurt to be kind to one another. Hopefully, this country (and the world) can see more of such stories buzzing around so we stay inspired!

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