A New Night Brings Dubai’s Top Mixologists And DJs Into Your Living Room!


It’s been an interesting few months.

We’ve learned you DON’T need to work in an office 24-7 to be productive, you don’t need a gym for an effective workout routine,  and we’ve suddenly learned that you don’t need to ‘go out’ to ‘hang out’, and that you can actually share a cool experience with your friends from all over the world… directly from your living room!

Enter: The MOTHER of cool Zoom experiences right now.

Absolut in the House is a free online virtual experience hosted on Zoom by a mixologist with tunes provided by a DJ and you can invite all of your mates – unreal!

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And before you consider your bank balance, know this: The party is (virtually) free, and it comes complete with a mixologist, a DJ mixing your chosen tunes and a lesson in mixing your favourite drinks. How cool is that?! *Brb, already planning the guest list!

It’s MAX 15 sessions per month – book yours in now!

Welcome to your new party: These are the Absolut in the House: Virtual Sessions

This is a very cool party collab bringing the city’s TOP mixologists and musicians into your virtual space

Talk about a talented crew!

Making it a night to remember, Absolut scrolled their address book of community collaborators to bring you the BEST of the best. Adam Carr, Managing Director of Aura Beverages will be your bartender for the night, ensuring the mixology is on point along with Dubai’s own DJ/Producer Megatronic, with 20 years music experience under her belt, she is one of the city’s most recognisable club acts and she’s simply one more member of the Absolut community there to ensure this night is up there with the greats.

And shout out to Absolut for making it happen! ‘Cus access to this bash is ONLY possible thanks to its network of collaborators… Seriously, WHO ELSE has an address book quite like this?!

Line up your night

Applying is easy. Someone from the Absolut team will contact you to sort the details, (read: what music you wanna listen to, which cocktails you’re keen to learn, how many of your friends will be attending, time and dates etc.) and then you’re good to go!

You’ll get to know the mixologist beforehand so you can choose 2 cocktails and have all the ingredients prepped, and then it’s a night of drinking, dancing, and some serious fun!

What happens on Zoom stays on Zoom right?!

The host needs to buy two bottles in advance… that’s it!

The response to these parties has been huge and the only way to get involved in the epic virtual partayyyy is the host must purchase two bottles of Absolut in advance… Which we’re sure you’ll make good use of. AMIRITE?! (You can buy instore or online, scroll for distributors.)

Get ready to party!

Head to absolut.com and register to book your experience.

If you’re hosting the party, don’t forget to purchase two bottles of Absolut either in-store or through the e-commerce channels!

There’s only space for 15 sessions per month, if you don’t get a party slot, there will be a public session for the Absolutists community at the end of the month. Get involved!

Where to stock up


  • GMP Abu Dhabi – Here
  • Windmill – Abu Dhabi – here
  • African & Eastern – Bahrain – Here
  • Legal Home Delivery – Dubai  – here
  • Al Hamra Cellar – Ras Al Khaimah – here


  • GMP – Abu Dhabi
  • Barracuda – Umm Al Quwain
  • Windmill – Abu Dhabi
  • Eurostar Cellar, Abu Dhabi
  • Unisat stores – Ajman
  • MMI – Dubai
  • Al Hamra Cellar – Ras Al Khaimah


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