A Homegrown Pizzeria Is Doing Pinsa For AED20 FOR THE WHOLE MONTH!


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Pinsanity is a homegrown pizzeria which creates an AMAZING selection of wood-fire oven baked pinsas and they have just announced the AED20 summer pinsa offer will be extended until the end of September… GET IN!

That means you can get delish Pinsa, at any hour of the day, for the low-low price of just AED20!

While you’re ordering, (here) take a moment to appreciate the delightfully punny options available including the Bon Chovy, the buffalo soldier, the releaf salad and more!

The AED20 Pinsanity offer has been extended for the entire month!


A pinsa for every mood, and they won’t break the bank!

Pinsa has a whole mix of options from hot and cold to spicy, fresh and just downright decadent.

Like an AMAZING Brrrrrrata, (down from AED41 to AED20!) with classic Italian burrata, fresh basil and baked on a tomato sauce base, (delish!) or try the Truffle Snuffle… (was AED43, now AED20) If you’re obsessed with truffle, Italian buffalo mozzarella and parmesan you need to try this! There’s also an incredible option for veggies, Over The Veg (was AED36, now AED20) and is your mouth watering yet? ‘Cus these sound DREAMY!

Finish your meal with a little something sweet, like the Nutjob (ALSO included in the AED20 deal!)

Let that sink in… AED20… for a pinsa!


What’s a Pinsa?

Pinsas are a bit like pizzas, but a lot better for you!

Stretched into an oval shape, it’s got all the deliciousness of a regular pizza, like the cloud of delish dough you love, pilled with heaps of amazing toppings, with crunch on the outside and softness on the inside, but it’s actually a lot lighter in calories that pizza.

So, all of the tastiness, less of the guilt!

The important bits

Ordered directly on Chatfood, Facebook or Instagram!

When? The deal is running until the end of September, 2020


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