Dubai Police Has Issued New Guidelines For The FIFA World Cup Fans


Dubai Police has issued a circular that warmly welcomes people celebrating the FIFA World Cup and presents them with guidelines that ensure the respecting of laws

Among the rules, it is mentioned that you cannot carry nor consume alcohol in public places and must avoid public displays of affection.

Here are the detailed guidelines:

1. For the sake of your privacy, please respect the privacy of others while photographing

2. Please preserve public property

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3. Do not possess or drink alcohol in public areas

4. Do not celebrate in places not designated for this purpose in order not to disturb others

5. It is prohibited to use or circulate narcotics

6. Avoid showing affection in public areas

7. Do not leave luggage in public areas

8. Avoid unlicensed massage parlors and suspicious advertisements

9. If you wish to organize recreational activities, please refer to the competent authorities for necessary permits and approvals

10. Show good sportsmanship and stay away from sports fanaticism

11. Remember that you are in a nation of tolerance. As such, you must respect the State’s culture, where contempt for religions, discrimination, and political disputes are prohibited

12. For the sake of your safety, smoke flares are not allowed

13. It is recommended to save the taxi side number of plate number or keep the payment receipt to make is easier to find any missing items.

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