A Dubai Resident Successfully Cycled From Dubai To Uzbekistan In A Two-Month Journey

A Dubai Resident Successfully Cycled From Dubai To Uzbekistan In A Two-Month Journey

A Dubai Resident Successfully Cycled From Dubai To Uzbekistan In A Two-Month Journey

What would you do if you lost your job despite attempting to apply to everything everywhere, and in Dubai? For most of us, we’d probably lose all hope and head back home.

For Uzbek national, Amiran Nurmukamedov, the story is different, why? Keep reading…

He decided, instead, to use these last two months to start a new adventure for himself and use the time he has, with a cycling trip from Dubai to Uzbekistan.

Amiran’s journey began on May 13, 2022 from the Dubai Port, wherein he took a ferry to cross the Gulf towards Iran’s Bandar Lenge

Once the 34-year-old Dubai resident reached the Iranian soil, he immediately got off the boat, got on land and begun pedaling his bike with an aim of an average 70-80 kilometers of cycling per day.

To accomplish this, he planned his route through the populated areas in order to maintain his safety and be around people, should aid be of need.

Every night was different stop, a different city and when it came time for the bigger cities – he made sure to absorb the culture and stay for two days in each spot

As one does, of course Amiran had to delight himself in exploring the country’s culture by fully immersing himself in each city, including Shiraz, Isfahan, Tehran, Masshad, Mery and Bukhara.


Throughout the two-month adventure, he camped out, lived in local homes, mosques and even in hostels to rest

“Most of the time i was invited to stay with people, which are very hospitable and friendly, especially in Iran. In desert, mountain and jungle areas I chose to snooze in my tent, with close contact with nature.”

After a month of cycling, he had finally reached Masshad (a 2800km destination from where he started), where the process of obtaining a visa to the next country, Turkmenistan, took two weeks.

He cycled through Turkmenistan in six days until he finally reached Uzbek’s border, Bukhara city, wherein he needed 3 more days of cycling before finally reaching his home city on July 10, 2022.

Throughout the entire process, Armani says it was overall a memorable trip that was enriched by the kindness of humans, different nationalities with varied stories and situations

All over the journey was rich with different people, stories, and situations. Some funny and joyful, some tiring and sad. The amused part is the most memorable, those helpful and friendly people I met on my way, that nature and food I had tried and experienced. I wonder how even after spending a little time with someone or someplace, one could become so close or easily get used to it, that leaving it became so hard. Definitely, that was the sad part is when I should say bye and continue my route. However, the only thing was motivating me at those times is that I could meet more people and see much better places.

Finally, what can I say about my cycling experience and would I repeat it again? Definitely yes, I believe that only traveling by cycle person can discover the land, nature, and people more closely and in detail rather by car or plane. It is beneficial for both physical and mental health.


Motivational at best: Amiran’s journey teaches us all to keep pushing, despite whatever life may throw your way

Armani recommends this type of journey to anyone looking to explore the world through a different lens, because he says it’ll end in ‘guaranteed fun and joy.’

Watch his entire journey and prepare to be inspired below.

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