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Dubai Is No.1 IN THE WORLD For Most Photogenic Skyline

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Right off the back of TikTok confirming we’re the city that gets the most eyeballs, Dubai’s skyline racks up another accolade, we’ve just been awarded the world’s most photogenic skyline… And for good reason!

The study by Toner Giant says Dubai has the most photogenic skyline, followed by Berlin and Miami- in a report that looks at thousands upon thousands of Instagram #skyline tags to summarise their findings.

According to the not-so-in-depth report, Bordeaux, France is the world’s least attractive skyline -ouch!

Dubai’s skyline is no1 one in the world

In need of vacay inspo? Scroll for the top 5


5. Milan, Italy

Stunning architecture secured this Italian city a spot in the top 5.

4. Rome, Italy

Looks like a painting!

3. Miami, US

Welcome to Miami….

2. Berlin, Germany

Ich wanna be ein Berliner thanks to this b-e-a-utiful skyline!


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1. The numero uno – Dubai! Always showing off with those serious Du-Bae vibes

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