LIVE: A Dubai DJ and Radio Presenter Is Racing In A Top Drift Championship Right Now!

Anika Eliz Baby

Look at him gooo!

Dany Neville is a DJ, Radio host and athlete who is getting prepped to rip through the track this evening for the Emirates Drifting Championship (EDC)

This is how the practice sesh looks, imagine the real deal!

Watch it LIVE on Smashi TV

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Homegrown streaming platform Smashi TV has secured the rights to broadcast the adrenaline-fueled events of the Emirates Drifting Championship (EDC)

AKA you can watch Dany Neville and many more exciting races LIVE!

This marks a groundbreaking milestone for both the streaming service and drifting enthusiasts worldwide, as Smashi Sports and EDC promise an immersive spectacle for motorsport aficionados.

Watch it LIVE on Smashi TV

Watch all this and then some more with a 1-month free trial on Smashi Sports

Adding to the excitement, Smashi Sports announces a one-month free trial, inviting fans to experience the adrenaline-charged world of EDC without any subscription barriers.

What? Emirates Drifting Championship (EDC)

When? 6 Jan, 17 Feb, 16 March

Where? Streaming live to you on Smashi TV

Watch it LIVE on Smashi TV


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