Here’s How You Can Watch The Emirates Drift Championship

Anika Eliz Baby

Smashi Sports has set its sights on an exhilarating venture, embracing the electrifying Emirates Drifting Championship (EDC) as part of its dynamic streaming lineup.

Homegrown streaming platform Smashi TV has secured the rights to broadcast the adrenaline-fueled events of the Emirates Drifting Championship (EDC) scheduled over three nail-biting days

This marks a groundbreaking milestone for both the streaming service and drifting enthusiasts worldwide, as Smashi Sports and EDC promise an immersive spectacle for motorsport aficionados.

Watch it on Smashi TV

Established in 2017, EDC combines experienced local & international management teams with the most talented drivers from the UAE, GCC, Middle East and the world  

EDC now is considered to be one of the top Drift championships in the Middle East and with the support of its fans, drivers and partners. 

Established In 2017, the Emirates Drift Championship is the official national series of the UAE that follows the international standards of rules & regulations set by the FIA (the international governing body for motor-racing events) & EMSO (Emirates Motorsports Organization, the UAE National Motorsports Authority).

Watch it on Smashi TV

Watch all this and then some more with a 1-month free trial on Smashi Sports

Adding to the excitement, Smashi Sports announces a one-month free trial, inviting fans to experience the adrenaline-charged world of EDC without any subscription barriers.

What? Emirates Drifting Championship (EDC)

When? 6 Jan, 17 Feb, 16 March

Where? Streaming live to you on Smashi TV

Watch it on Smashi TV


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