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Emirates NBD Customers Are Venting On Twitter And The Bank Is Fielding Most Of The Criticisms

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Emirates NBD has issued an alert to customers acknowledging teething issues and regret for the inconvenience caused.

This follows days of frustration from customers who have had been unable to access their mobile banking services.

Customers were originally alerted of a system upgrade that would take place over the weekend. But by Saturday evening, Emirates NBD Mobile Banking was still not functioning and users took to Twitter to express worry over the lack of services and the length of time the upgrades were taking.

The original announcement alerted customers the upgrade would take place this weekend, ending on Saturday at 3am

However, by Saturday eve, customers could still not access their accounts

People are reaching out asking when they will be able to access their money online

And wondering why the upgrades have taken so long with no concrete communication from the bank

With countless public messages being shared on social, the bank’s social media team is in overdrive and are responding to as many Tweets as possible

The majority of comments are similar in theme, customers are unhappy with the service

Some of the bank’s responses are detailed, with this one acknowledging that the issues have been identified and that team are working hard to resolve the issues at the earliest

“We sincerely regret the delay and apologize for the inconvenience due to the teething issues in the planned upgrade of our core banking system to provide a better and safer banking experience. Our teams have identified the issues and are working hard to resolve these at the earliest. Please note that customers can continue to use their Emirates NBD debit and credit cards, withdraw cash from any of our ATMs, transact at any shopping outlet and continue making online purchases. Our branches are operational and available to service your banking needs. We would like to thank all our customers for their patience as we work to restore uninterrupted online and mobile banking services that should be available soon. Thanks.- Samena” -Emirates NBD rep

It’s been three days and customers are at their wit’s end

On Sunday, the bank apologised for teething issues, adding they sincerely regret the delay and inconvenience

And now customers have received private alerts

The message notes the disruption and adds that you can continue to use your Emirates NBD Debit and Credit Cards, withdraw cash from any of their ATMs, transact at shopping outlets and make online purchases. The banks are all in operation. No timeline was given for when the Online and Mobile services will be back up and running, however, the bank thanked customers for their ongoing patience.

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