EXCLUSIVE: Abdullah Al Qahtani PFL Fighter Is All About His Mother’s Blessings..


Abdullah makes sure to take his mother’s blessings before and after any fight

As humble as he could be, Abdullah joined the studio with a sweet smile spilling all the tea about the fights, but one secret Abdullah has shared and described to be one of his secrets is that he calls his mother before and after a fight.

But, what is one secret that motivates the fighters to actually fight?

Abdullah confirmed that there is some drama that triggers it beforehand, and continued on saying that during one of the fights, he was triggered by his opponent for calling him small and tiny.


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As Abdullah wins he likes to wave the Saudi flag because it reminds him of god due to the statement on it

Abdullah has a habit of waving the Saudi flag and when asked why he elaborated that his mother is Moroccan and he is originally Saudi as he has lived in Saudi Arabia his entire life.

He waves the Saudi flag as it has a statement of god and reminds fighter Abdullah of his faith towards god.

“An advice I would give anyone is to work hard for what they want”

At just 24 years old Abdullah has ambitions for the future and when asked what are they mainly, he said he would want to gain the belt as he has been inspired by the retired fighter khabib.

When asked about his opinion on Khabib’s decision of quitting fighting, Abdullah has said that he thinks it is a smart decision.

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