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You Can Get FREE Delivery For A Car To Drive Around Dubai In 2021

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Did you hear that sound? It’s the sound of NYE bottles poppin’ because the New Year IS HERE. And your motto for this year is SORTED – new year, new car, new YOU!

Thanks the stars of 2021 because there’s now a completely hassle-free way that can make this drive super easy for you. Here to keep you moving this 2021, invygo being a car subscription will take away the headache of owning and maintaining your own car. Instead, it gives you your kind of wheels anytime AND without burning a hole in your pocket!

It’s basically the best way to get a car and allows you to save time AND money.

Beach person or mountain? Doesn’t matter! Both drives are super convenient now


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Alexa, add more cars and subtract the deposit!

Want a road trip to Jebel Jais in the first month of 2021? You got it. A fun evening at the Kite beach? Sorted. Basically, the weather isn’t the only thing that is so rewarding. invygo allows you to enjoy the outdoors and explore all of the UAE WITHOUT any deposit. Sounds like a dream!

Just head over to the app and subscribe to any car from a monstrous SUV to a comfy sedan. And BAM! Weekend plans made. You get to live exactly how you want to, thanks to a new car.

Aaaand, it’s completely hassle-free. Everything happens when you subscribe to the app – which by the way, is EXTREMELY flexible so you can take upgrades at any point. invygo connects you with certified dealers and allows you to change cars too so it’s basically the convenience MAX PRO version of everything.

Perfect way to start 2021? FREE delivery of the car you order

Listen, 2020 was ROUGH. You deserve a little pampering like the ease of subscribing to a car (it’s literally as simple as ordering takeout). With invygo your car reaches straight from a certified dealer to your doorstep FOR FREE. The app takes care of EVERYTHING from servicing to registering so none of that stress.

Your convenience > ERRYTHING

Whether you want a Mazda for a quick office run or want to take the entire fam out in a shining BMW, invygo will get the job done.

Just start the new year by getting your subscription and pick what feels right. Because the app will do the rest for you and you get to flex in front of evvverryone. It doesn’t even take a chunk of your time because of how convenient everything is on the app. How good does that sound?


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The important bits

Ready for a long and chill ride with your mates? Get all the deets and subscription info here.

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invygo is founded on the idea that there is a better, more convenient and more inclusive way for people to drive cars.

Through our app, you can subscribe to a car easily & simply straight from your phone – with no hassles, big deposits or difficult people on the other side of the counter.

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