H.H. Sheikh Hamdan Waves Goodbye To Single Use Plastic Bags!


Sheikh Hamdan is kicking off the new year with a no single-use

Sheikh Hamdan, Crown Prince of Dubai, just dropped a new rule: no more one-time use products! He’s all about saving the planet, getting everyone on board with eco-friendly living, and making reusable items the coolest trend for a better world. He’s also cheering on companies to get creative with recycling, making sure things come full circle in our eco-friendly lifestyle. Plus, he’s sorting out how we handle single-use and plastic items to keep things tidy and green!

Recycled materials all the way.. Breathe out and make a tree happy

The main goal is to get companies to push recycled goods, following the loop-de-loop way of doing things that keeps stuff getting reused in local shops. Also, they’re looking to set some rules about how we use and recycle stuff that’s meant for only one go.

This rule covers all sorts of one-time use items and the ones made from recycled materials, whether they’re plastic or not. It’s not picky about what it’s made of—plastic bags, food wraps, containers, and even stuff like wet wipes, balloons, and their sticks are all in the mix.


Dubai’s 2024 resolution is all about sustainability

These guidelines are for everyone selling and shopping in Dubai, even in those awesome private spots and free zones, like the Dubai International Financial Centre.

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