HH Sheikh Mohammed Was Casually Spotted In Public Thrice These Past Couple Of Days


His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, ruler of Dubai, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE, is widely known for being a true man of the people

The ruler of Dubai was spotted strolling through Carrefour in Mall of the Emirates. Residents as well as employees stood to attention in respect and then were quick to whip out their phones and catch him on video.

The video shows His Highness Sheikh Mohammed walk among the people and nod his head in acknowledgment as if it were an everyday thing

A very small entourage of a few Emirati men and women accompanied him, but other than that, there was no sign of any ear-piece-wearing-suited-agents or armed security guards. This does not come off as a surprise; because that has always been the way of the rulers of Dubai.

Blessings, prayers, and much praise poured in online for the humbleness of His Highness and once again, people’s hearts were united in the love for the incomparable leader of the city of Dubai.

Another Dubai resident snapped a video of the ruler of Dubai at Dubai Hills Mall

Once again, the Sheikh was only followed by a small handful of companions as he made his way across the mall. Imagine heading to the mall for a quick errand only to realize that His Highness Sheikh Mohammed just walked by you.

A Dubai resident shared a video of her spotting the Sheikh at Ladurée in Dubai Hills Mall and you can audibly hear the exhilarated squealing of the girls behind the camera.

Also famous for his casual restaurant visits, this Dubai resident was *shooketh* that the ruler of Dubai was lunching only a few tables away from her at Nobu

In the video she says, “Guess so I’m having lunch at the same place as Sheikh Mohammed. This is so cool!”

Ladies and gentlemen, we now dub this as a wonderful trademark Dubai aspect!


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