The JBR Community Has Undergone A Major Makeover

Anika Eliz Baby

A major makeover project has taken over JBR in the past year.

Over the past year, the Dubai Community Management (DCM) have uprooted real trees and grass in the JBR area and are now replacing it with fake grass

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The landscape modification has caused a bit of upset to the residents in the area

Besides disrupting the beauty of the residential communities, the new landscape has also left parts of the JBR community as open sandy spaces until they can be covered with fake grass.

The community management turns on the taps to make mud and keep the dust down. But this means water wastage.

The residents have reached out to the DCM and a meeting has been scheduled for next week

Property owners have come together and made a group on WhatsApp to discuss the issues that they are facing. The artificial grass landscape is a key issue.

Residents hope that the meeting will yield positive results and some long-term, lasting positive changes.

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