Kate Winslet’s “Mare Of Easttown” On OSN Is The PERF Show To Binge-Watch This Week!


Boasting Kate Winslet in the lead role along with X-Men’s Evan Peters and Guy Pearce, the Mare Of Easttown is some CLASS TV that’ll have you GLUED to the screen.

You literally have to be living under a rock to not have heard of HBO’s extremely popular Mare Of Easttown! People literally ate up this show, making the limited series’ season finale the “most-watched TV episode” in HBO Max history.

Now Dubai peeps can binge-watch the seven-episode series to their heart’s content with the OSN Streaming App! That means no illegal sites, no virus risks, no ad breaks and NO POP UPS! Sheeeshhhhh!


Let’s take a look at what the Easttown hype all’abouuuu!!

The star-studded cast ofc!


The Academy Award, Emmy and Golden Globe -winner Kate Winslet, Julianne Nicholson (HBO’s “The Outsider”) as Lori Ross, Mare’s best friend since childhood; three-time Emmy®-winner Jean Smart (Emmy®-nominated for HBO’s “Watchmen”) as Helen, Mare’s mother; Angourie Rice (“Black Mirror”) as Siobhan Sheehan, Mare’s teenaged daughter; Evan Peters (“American Horror Story”) as Detective Colin Zabel, the county detective called in to assist with Mare’s investigation and Guy Pearce (Emmy®-winner and Golden Globe®-nominee for HBO’s “Mildred Pierce”) as Richard Ryan, a local creative writing professor.

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Let’s just talk about the nail-biting PLOT please!

Contrary to what you might initially think, it’s not an all-about-Kate show. HBO’s gripping crime drama is set in a small Pennsylvania town where everybody knows each other and has that whole ‘love thy neighbour vibe going for them. That is until a series of horrific events, including a murder and a missing girl plague the community.

Like a domino effect, this one instance leads to the unravelling of many taboo topics such as adultery, kidnappings, stalkers, and worst.

Mare Sheehan, a no-fuss detective begins to investigate the brutal murder, all whilst trying to keep her life from falling apart. Basically, the murder mystery set in a quiet town will have you hooked on till the jaw-dropping season finale!

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You can also stream it directly on the OSN website

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