Man Returns Home To Surprise His Mother After 4.5 Years In Dubai

Anika Eliz Baby

Moving away from home is one of the toughest choices that you have to make. The reasons may vary, but we all definitely do it with the intention of an upgrade.

Jerin K John (@jerrychayan_dxb) was living in Dubai for 4.5 years before he got a chance to return home to see his parents…and the moment was nothing short of heartwarming! 

It’s his mother’s shock and his father’s smile that speaks a thousand words that really seal the deal.

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Jerin explains in the comments why it took him so long to go back home

He explains that he wasn’t paid too well at the beginning of his career and that it took him 2 years to settle down in Dubai- we all know the impact of culture shock!

Since it was a quite recent shift, Jerin was also affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, where he couldn’t leave the country when his job was at risk.

It was after shifting into Aster Healthcare that Jerin finally got the chance to go home!

Several others relate to his situation, which makes you think about how wage discrepancies don’t allow for adequate savings

The GCC 2016 Salary Survey found that the “racial pay divide” saw 28.9 per cent of Westerners getting paid more than Asians. It also revealed that Westerners’ salaries were 4.67 per cent higher than Arabs.

This probably explains why comments were divided with people being sentimental because Jerin, an Indian from Kerala, was finally able to go back home for a while.

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