It Has Been Ten Years Since HH Sheikh Mohammed Introduced His Famous Three Finger Salute To The World


Yes you’ve seen the iconic three finger salute of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed everywhere but do you know what it really means?

It’s been ten years since the world was introduced to the simple genius of this gesture and it’s time to go back to the beginning to remember what it really represents. The first time the incredible symbol appeared was in the World Government Summit in 2013.

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed held out his three fingers and explained to the audience the symbolization behind Win, Victory, and Love. An inspiration to everyone, the symbol is a reminder of the values of work ethic, success and the love for the nation.

From Dubai to around the globe and even to outer space, the symbol has now become a beloved representation of Dubai and the Emirates


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PLUS Dubai city houses not one but TWO statues of its very own local symbol. One is located in Burj Park:

(credits: Joachim Rapp)

And one is located outside the Museum of the Future:

(credits: IG @dubai_photoconcierge)

The symbol is so famous that back in 2018, someone photoshopped this picture of HRH the late Queen Elizabeth holding up the salute next to HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid

The three finger salute has made quite a legacy this past decade!

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